Quite a few of our trade guys have been with us now for over 5 years. However it is still surprising that alot of our customers still dont know about our gasket making service.

We have invested heavily in CNC machinery over the last 18 months to give us the ability to produce gaskets in virtually any material. Our industry knowledge combined with our manufacturing ability allow us to give our customers the competitive edge.

Our abilities include:

Vintage Motorcycle gaskets, in cork, copper and felt.

Modern performance gasket in aramide, aluminum, carbon fibre, nitile or viton.

Specialist design, from custom thickness's to complete re-design.

Ultrad rapid production - from design to on the bike in under 24 hours.

We are the UK's only dedicated motorcycle gasket manufacturer. We specialise in our in house produced gaskets and reeds.

We are also distributors for Koyo, NTN, SKF, TTO and NAK. Again we specialise in motorcycle bearings and seals. We have a full range of bearings more the 3 main manufacturers and probably the UK largest stock of motorcycle seals. From the common to the very rare.