SKF Rear Wheel Bearings & Seals Kit

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A set of OEM Genuine SKF Wheel Bearings and matching high quality double lipped (R23 Spec) Oil seals.

SKF are the leading manufacturer of ball bearings world wide, Ultra high quality and super precision machining provides what most would say is by far the best bearing manufacturer in the world.

To complete the kit Showe 2L NBR70 double lipped oil seals to ensure dirt is kept away from the bearings and the grease remains in!

We firmly believe these are the best available wheel bearing kits available. All our components are fully ISO9001 certified and are traceable from the manufacturers factory to our shelves to ensure you get only genuine components.

Wheel Bearing Kit Front Gas-Gas EC125 04-15, EC200 04-17, EC250 04-18, EC250 4T 10-15, EC300 04-17, EC300 4T 13-15, EC450 4T 13-15, EC450FSE 03-06, EC450FSR 07-09, MC125 04-09, MC250 04-09, MC450FSR 07, PAMPERA 450 07, SM450FSE 04-05, SM450FSR 07-09, Wheel Bearing Kit Rear Suzuki LT-50 84-87

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Component Type Rear Wheel Bearings & Seals Kit
Manufacturer SKF
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